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There are thousands of sites out there with several tips and tricks on how to have a healthy lifestyle. Everyone is looking for the method, diet or lifestyle change that’s best for them. We have figured out that the most credible source is that which takes us back to the methods of our ancestors, and which can be adapted to the rhythm, lifestyle and technologies of the 21st century. This is how we got to one of the most nutritious plants having lots of therapeutic effects – wheatgrass.

Since time immemorial, humankind has been experimenting with finding out everything about the surrounding world. Our forefathers tried to figure out the small details, assign a meaning to each plant, animal, grass, tree, and to find a golden mean between what works and what doesn’t, while making sure not to hurt nature, either. They tasted a variety of food – animals and plants – and realised what is that they liked and it is also nutritious, and what isn’t. This is how nature’s wonders and blessings were discovered –we realised we are able recover from illnesses thanks to these. There were, however some berries and plants which were poisonous and lethal. What is certain, however, is that we never gave up trying, that we used the goodies nature provided us with to survive, indulge in or simply to get by in everyday life.

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Nowadays there are several cures to choose from, which go back to the basics of nature, and which are more or less successful. So what is certain is that humans need nature and nature needs humans. Therefore it is our responsibility to not do any harm to anything that’s useful to us.

Here in Transylvania we can consider ourselves lucky as we live in a place where the human impact over nature has not been very significant yet. We have everything on our pastures and meadows that is healthy and useful to the environment. With modesty and humility, having recognised the enormity of nature, our ancestors always tried to make sure they only take from nature that is not harmful to it and what can still be replaced.

They passed this knowledge on to us, too, so one of our missions is to propagate and practice this mentality, as we would like to benefit from the Transylvanian wonders for thousands of years more. We would like to maintain the awareness of love towards and protection of nature, so we would like to better understand and apply the technologies and the knowledge we inherited from our ancestors, using also the techniques of the 21st century. As people of our time live a different-paced life, and in a different environment than their ancestors. People of today are more vulnerable to stress, given that they need to follow a fast rhythm of life, as technology has sneaked into each segment of their life. We are consuming increasingly less unprocessed products (we live in the age when organic no longer means organic), plants and vegetables, which can later result in illnesses. Our products which combine the knowledge of our ancestors with today’s technologies are precisely meant to solve this problem. Our goal is to produce them as efficiently and consciously as possible and to protect and save our environment.

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Wheatgrass is considered by many the most nutritious food having the most therapeutic characteristics, given that besides chlorophyll, it is densely packed with active minerals, proteins, enzymes and vitamins. Its therapeutic benefits include the prevention of several diseases, strengthening the immune system, improving the body’s oxygen supply, detoxifying the body, boosting the appetite, helping digestion, alleviating stomach problems, and in some cancers it helps in strengthening the immune system and in the fight against the disease.

Wheatgrass juice is produced by lyophilisation, i.e. freeze-drying, which ensures a long shelf life for the juice, preserves the biological activity of temperature sensitive substances, while keeping its resolubility characteristics, therefore all enzymes and vitamins remain in the final product. We purchase our raw materials from the best and verified sources and we strive to collect the most organic raw materials as possible. We don’t use any artificially produced substances, taste enhancers or colourings during the processing phase and our products are also free of preservatives.

Consumed in a balanced diet it triggers some spectacular improvements, it gives a lot of energy, it boosts our immune system and increases our strength and stamina.

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