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About wheatgrass

All you need to know about the wheatgrass and how to use it!

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The wheatgrass juice is the freshly squeezed juice from the leaves of the BIO spelt that is afterwards shock deep frozen. This spelt grass juice is chemical-free and is made of spelt grown on a naturally closed bio field, it is oftentimes referred to as “green blood” and it contains many active ingredients beside the chlorophyll. Its consumption should happen after the pressing, since the plant with cellulose fibers cannot be digested by the human stomach.

During the pressing process, the most valuable components can be acquired like vitamins and enzymes and that is fit for consumption. The wheatgrass juice tends to react quite quickly upon its contact with oxygen so the way to preserve its active ingredients and to stop the process by quick freezing.

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By a process called freeze-drying (lyophilization) we extract the 99.99% of the water content from the deep frozen wheatgrass juice and that leaves behind the active ingredients only (the chlorophyll, the enzymes, the vitamins and minerals). The best preservation method known today is the lyophilization, this process enables the conservation of food for 20-25 years, without the use of preservatives or additives.

After the lyophilization, the what grass dust is enclosed into vegan capsules, keeping it away from the decomposing effects of the environment (humidity, oxygen, other contaminations).
The lyophilized wheatgrass juice capsule is not a medication, it is considered food or using the so trendy term: a hiper extra super food.

Nowadays people tend to live a stressful, fast paced life and they eat inordinately, consuming little fruits and vegetables that is the cause of later diseases, either vascular or anemic. Many consider the wheatgrass juice to be the most nutritious, most healing food in the world. Beside the chlorophyll it also contains active minerals, proteins, vitamins and trace elements as well.

Signs of detoxication can be a darker urine, a softer stool, fatigue, all that signal the beginning of the detoxication process. Every organism reacts differently to the detoxication process. Throughout detoxication we may see an improvement in the way we feel, we may experience less exhaustion, we might have more energy and our bodies become more resistant to illnesses.

The beneficial effects of the spelt grass juice. When is it recommended to use?

      • Preventing diseases
      • Aiding the haematogenesis
      • Improving oxygenation
      • Detoxication
      • Tiredness and fatigue
      • Strengthening the immune system
      • Digestion issues, other stomach related problems
      • Increasing the appetite in case of loss of appetite
      • Body weight disorders
      • Aiding alkalinization
      • In case of tumoral diseases it aids in the restoration of the immune system
      • Before, during and after chemotherapy

What does the wheatgrass juice contain?

      • Vitamins: A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B10, B17, C, E, F, K etc.
      • Minerals: all the minerals necessary to the human body (over 90 types)
      • Enzymes that have the following effect: neutralization of free radicals, breakdown of fat, aiding in haematogenesys, aiding in the digestion of proteins and starches, slows the aging process, etc.
      • Aminoacids: it contains all the necessary essential aminoacids for the human body, in the right proportion (proteins are made up of aminoacids)
      • Chlorophyll: responsible for the green color of the plants, but that is not why it is important to the human body. Chlorophyll aids the formation of haemoglobins, and so it aids the oxygenation. It is also known as a potent antioxidant and detoxication agent.

The recommended dosage is an initial 1 capsule per day. In case of illness or a stressful environment at work you can increase dosage up to 4-6 capsules a day. Consume it in the morning on an empty stomach (the entire dosage for the day) with a little liquid, and don’t eat or drink for the next 20-30 minutes. The consumption can be stopped at any time. It has no knows side effects, so it can be consumed continually.

Keep away from sunlight, from 0-30 degrees Celsius.


  • The description does not replace the consultation with a specialist or doctor. Please ask for your physician’s opinion before consumption.
  • The continuous clean water consumption is very important. Consume at least 2-3 liters of clean water (spring water, reverse osmosis water, purified water)
  • Signs of detoxication may be a darker urine with bad smell, softer stool, fatigue, all these signal the beginning of the detoxication process.

Chlorophyll is one of the most important ingredients in the wheatgrass juice, it is also known as a strong antioxidant and detoxication agent.
People with gluten sensitivity can also consume it, the spelt grass juice is gluten-free.

Why choose the lyophilized quickly frozen bio spelt grass juice?

      • 100% wheatgrass juice
      • It is made of outstanding quality controlled ingredients from a controlled source
      • Its beneficial effects are known and acclaimed for hundreds of years
      • It is free of artificial materials, taste and color enhancing substances
      • It does not contain preservatives
      • Its production happens according to the highest sanitary conditions
      • After the quick freezing process and then the lyophilization process all the valuable vitamins and enzymes remain enclosed in the vegan capsule

The consumption of the quickly frozen wheatgrass juice in the case of illnesses does not replace the therapy and medication prescribed by the doctor. Beside those, it should only be used as a complementary therapy.

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