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Presentation of Transylvania

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Transylvania is a land of magical nature, history and a mix of culture.

Transylvania is set in the middle of Romania, surrounded by mountains and hills. It is a land with extraordinary mountains, flowery hills, and natural sights with rich forests. Here you'll be delighted by the natural beauty around you. The entire region is rich in biodiversity.

Besides the beauties of nature, the region has a unique culture with interesting traditions and welcoming communities with great social atmosphere.

Prince Charles about Transylvania:

"A real treasure in terms of agriculture and producing traditional, organic foods. It can be set as an example to the entire world, in this respect. It seems to me in Transylvania there is a combination of the natural ecosystem with a human cultural system. This extraordinarily unique integrated relationship is so hugely important. People are yearning for that sense of belonging and identity and meaning."

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